Check NSFAS Application Status Login 2022

Your NSFAS application’s current status is known as the NSFAS status. This implies that the only place to find out the status of your NSFAS application is in your My NSFAS Account under “NSFAS status”. Follow the below step-by-step guide to check the NSFAS application status.

NSFAS Application Status Check 2022

You can successfully check your NSFAS status using the below approach.

  1. Check out NSFAS Website
  2. Click on “MyNSFAS”
  3. To access your MyNSFAS Account, enter your account login information, which is your username and Password
  4. Now click on the “Track funding progress” tab
  5. The status will appear on the dashboard.
  6. The status will either indicate if it was funded or not

When you select the “Track Funding Progress” tab, you may see an additional 9 NSFAS statuses.

NSFAS Application Status and Meaning

You may come across one of the following application statuses while tracking your NSFAS application status. They are explained below:

Application Submitted

When checking the status of your NSFAS application, you might see the phrase “Application submitted.” If you have this NSFAS status, it means you have completed and submitted your grant application. Your application has been received, is loaded completely, and is active right now.


If you check the status of your NSFAS application and the result states “Filtering,” that indicates NSFAS is determining if you are a first-time or returning student candidate and whether you are eligible for NSFAS financing.

Since NSFAS accepts applications from both returning students and prospective students, they must filter your information to determine which application type you are to process your stipend correctly.


When you see “Validation” as your status, it means that the NSFAS is conducting third-party checks with SASSA and the Department of Home Affairs. If you receive financing from NSFAS, you are not eligible for a SASSA grant, but you are eligible for NSFAS if you receive a SASSA grant.


If your status is “Evaluation,” then it means NSFAS is doing verification of all the application-related supporting materials you submitted. The accuracy, legality, and eligibility of your documents to receive financial aid for your higher education must be confirmed by NSFAS.

Funding Eligibility

The phrase “Financing Eligibility” on an NSFAS application simply implies that they are confirming the information you provided about your household’s financial situation to determine whether you qualify for the funding.

Students must have a total household income of no more than R350 000 per year to be eligible for NSFA financing.

Awaiting Result

This NSFAS application status also indicates that the NSFAS is validating your academic performance and your status as an admitted student at the institution to which you have applied for admission or have already been granted admission.

If you have been admitted to the school to which you have applied for study, NSFAS must be informed.

Since they must wait for your university to confirm your admission status, this part of the NSFAS application approval process typically takes longer.

Awaiting registration

When “Awaiting Registration” appears on your NSFAS status check page, it means NSFAS is awaiting registration information from your institution.

Without the registration information provided by your institution, NSFAS cannot establish a bursary arrangement with your institution to fund you.

The signing of the agreement

When your NSFAS status is listed as “Signing Agreement,” it means you must sign your bursary contract before NSFAS will distribute your allowances.

Your request for NSFAS Bursary Funding has now been approved for a grant. To agree to the loan contract with NSFAS, all you must do is sign the consent form provided by NSFAS.


When you see “Payment” in the NSFAS status, it implies that your allowances have been paid, and you can check your NSFAS Wallet to make a withdrawal or use it at NSFAS partner retailers.


It is strongly advised that you regularly check the status of your NSFAS application to ensure that you don’t miss any crucial opportunities. Visit the official website frequently for the most recent information.

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