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By signing the NSFAS consent form, you agree and understand that the NSFAS application does not guarantee that you will receive NSFAS-administered funding. NSFAS collects information about students’, parents’, and guardians’ job statuses and income levels. In addition to maintaining the confidentiality of third-party information, NSFAS protects the privacy of individuals whose personal data is provided to it. In addition, NSFAS is committed to protecting and using personal information in a lawful manner. You and your parents/guardians must sign the consent form to give NSFAS permission to use and verify the information you provide.

NSFAS Consent Form Purpose

By signing the consent form, you agree that the government may verify your personal and all the related data provided by you. It can involve third parties to verify your data. Third parties may include government organizations and agencies, credit bureaus, educational institutions, and other groups. They use this information for reporting, statistical analysis, and income validation so that they can verify your financial eligibility. Also, for record-keeping purposes, debt tracing and/or debt collection purposes, securing funding on your behalf, and verifying academic and registration data as needed. Personal information to be obtained from SARS must only pertain to work status and income.

Information Required on the Consent Form:

The NSFAS consent form requires the above information to be submitted by the student:

Information Required on the Consent Form
Information Required on the Consent Form
  1. Signature of student
  2. Date
  3. Signature of a Father or Guardian
  4. Their surname or initials
  5. Their ID numbers
  6. Their Cell Phone number
  7. Signature of Mother or Guardian 
  8. Name of mother/Guardian, their ID, and phone number
  9. Signature of spouse/partner (if applicable)
  10. Their name, ID number, and cell phone number

By signing the consent form, at last, you acknowledge the terms and conditions contained in the NSFAS Bursary Agreement. Also, you accept that all the information provided by you is accurate and legitimate. 


How do I get the consent form for NSFAS?

Visit the official website of NSFAS at the NSFAS web
At the top right corner, there’s a “myNSFAS” tab. 
After you have applied for the application, there will be a consent form available
You can download it.

Does NSFAS need a consent form for 2023?

You will be required to complete and submit the NSFAS Consent Form after applying for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme for it to be processed. You cannot successfully submit your NSFAS online application without the consent form.

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