NAFAS Certified Documents And Their Supporting Documents Details

According to NSFAS, the COVID-19 pandemic has made document certification unnecessary. However, in order to proceed with your application for NSFAS 2022, Kindly make sure you fill out the application with NAFAS Certified Documents form completely and attached all the supporting certified documents.

NOTE: Every supporting document must include your ID number because applications without one will not be accepted.

Please attach certified copies of the following documents: Mark tick if done

NAFAS Certified Documents and their details are given below.

The South African Police Service or the South African Post Office can certify your paperwork. All the certified copies of your document should not be older than 3 months. This also applies to anyone under the age of 18 or anyone over the age of 18 who STILL REYES on their parent’s or legal guardian’s household income.
If you are under 16 and don’t have a smart ID card or green barcoded ID, then you should submit a certified copy of the unabridged birth certificate for NAFAS Certified Documents.
Every household member, including parents or legal guardians, must have a certified copy of their identity document.
A certified copy of your most recent exam or transcript results. You do not have to submit this if you are currently in Grade 12
If you have been excused from paying school fees, a letter from the school notifying NSFAS of your exemption is required.
*A certified or official copy of a recent pay slip, a letter of employment, and other documentation for each parent, person providing support for you, guardian, or yourself, if you are employed, that is no older than three months. This applies to all employment or income sources for every family member. This includes any earnings from grants from the SASSA, the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), or any retirement, life, disability, or other benefits paid as a one-time payment or over the course of a year.
*If your parents, the person who provides for you, or your legal guardian is retired, kindly submit a copy of an official pension slip or bank statement indicating a pension payment.
*If your parents, the person who supports you, or your legal guardian is employed as an informal trader, please produce an affidavit signed by them to verify this employment.
if one or both of your parents are deceased, Please submit a certified copy of the death certificate
Please include a certified copy of the divorce decree if your parents are divorced.
Please give an affidavit outlining the circumstances if one or both of your parents do not live at home.
If you are being supported by a person who isn’t your parent, please submit an affidavit outlining the circumstances.
You must present a certified copy of a SASSA letter if any family members are contributing to your household income and also receiving social handouts.

This also holds true for your guardian-in-law. *If you listed a dependent as a student in your family, please provide documentation for each dependent showing enrollment or acceptance at the TVET institution or university.

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